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May 2015 Meeting Highlights

Well, the Alberta Election has come and gone. Prior to election, our council had been collecting signatures on the Independent Alberta Seniors Advocate petition. More information should be forthcoming.

Keep in your prayers the National March for Life occurring in Ottawa this week..especially at 10 a.m. local time on May 14th.

Members attended the parish hall meeting on Friday, April 17th. Currently, the parish parking lot is being refurbished.

Three of our council members attended the 93rd CWL Diocesan convention in Edson from April 17 to 19th.
We had some great guest speakers: Bob McKeon spoke on Pope Francis’ “Joy of the Gospel”, Catherine Mardon spoke on “Maintaining Joy during Life’s Trials”, Gayle McKenzie Findlay spoke on the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, and Paul and Carol Quist spoke on their conversation and reception to the Catholic Faith. A new Diocesan executive was elected, headed by Mary Hunt, our new Diocesan President.

St. Anthony’s council will be hosting the Edmonton Diocesan Fall Meeting at St. Anthony’s on Saturday, October 3rd. We hope many ladies from our diocese will be attending.

Crucifixes have been ordered, received, labeled, blessed and delivered to our Grade 12 graduates. Keep them in your prayers as they complete one phase of their lives and move on to the next!

Our council is planning a spring fundraiser to be held on Saturday, June 6th. It will be a garage sale/bake sale held at St. Anthony’s. Keep posted for more information!

On Saturday, June 13th, council members are invited to travel to Onion Lake to visit Mother Cynthia and her ministry. Again, watch the parish bulletin for more information!
We do not have regular council meetings in June, July or August. Enjoy the summer!

Potluck meeting will be held on September 9th at St. Anthony’s parish hall. Bring a dish of your choice to share!

God bless you, dear ladies and your families!
Your correspondent,