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Highlights from our January 14 2015 meeting

Here are some highlights from our last meeting which was held Wed. January 14, 2015

ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR ST. ANTHONY’S CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE will be held on Wednesday, February 11th starting with a catered dinner at 6 p.m. in our new hall at St. Anthony’s Parish. Please note: nominations for our executive will not be taken from the floor that night. Previously,all our members were contacted and asked to put forward names from our membership who they felt would be a good fit for our executive. Ann R, our Past president, and Nominations/elections chairperson, will contact those people who have been nominated. If a person agrees to let their name stand for election, their name will then be presented on the evening of the 11th for election.
We encourage you to come out for dinner and to vote for members of Your Executive! Our executive serve for a term of two years.

If you wish to join us that evening, please phone Edna at 306-825-2699 to have your name added to the dinner list. Dinner is $20, which will be collected that evening!

Our treasurer’s books have been reviewed for 2014. Thanks to Leone D for serving as our treasurer these past years!

At the December 6th, Advent social and Pin presentation, several ladies received a pin:
10 year memberships: Pat H and Madeleine R
25 years: Helen L
40 years: Kathy N
60 years: Blanche M and Helen W

Funny thing about membership years, sometimes the information is not recorded properly. Our apologies to everyone this has affected.
A case in point: One of our members had her years recorded as 49 years a member in 2010 and then 51 years in 2011. She missed her 50 year anniversary. (We hope to remedy this at our February meeting when she will receive her 50 year pin.)
About 25 years ago, national office recorded memberships using an “April to March membership year”. Eventually , the CWL membership year followed the calendar year – January to December. You’d think it wouldn’t confuse matters, but it did.

We currently have 112 members in our council – 15 NEW!!!, 9 who renewed after a year or more lapsed.

Edmonton Diocesan CWL runs a poster/essay contest every year for the children in our schools. The students in our Catholic schools and Sunday Catechism class, will have the opportunity, to once again,take part. Our local schools will soon be contacted with all the information.

We recently purchased additional Baptismal and First Communion gifts which are given to the children in our parish.

Once again, we are able to offer funeral luncheons in our new hall for families who are experiencing funerals for loved ones. Thank you to Celestine, Myrna and their teams for being available on short notice to provide this service to our parishioners and community. In 2014, we provided lunch for two funerals and one evening prayer service. It is nice to have a larger space to use for our parish community!

Watch for information on these events:

  • World Day of Prayer on Friday, March 6th hosted by Knox Presbyterian church
  • CWL Zone 4 meeting – tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 21st from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in St. Anthony’s hall (note the day!!)
  • Regular March meeting for St. Anthony’s CWL on Wednesday, March 4th (at 7 p.m.) – note the date change, as the parish is having a mission from March 9 to 11th.

That’s all for now!
We hope to see as many of you as possible at the February 11th dinner meeting!
God bless,