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May and June 2014

Thanks to all who supported the first ever St. Anthony CWL garage sale! In spite of the cool weather, our ladies braved the tables for three days and we raised about $1200.00! Thanks again, to Pat, for the use of her garage.

Thank you, also, to Rosemary A for organizing our bake sale at the Farmer’s Market on May 24th!
Our finances are in a little better shape now. Perhaps, next year, we will combine the two events……..just a thought!

Currently, we have 108 CWL members in our council.

Some of our ladies, with the help of friends, have been diligently creating corsages for the mothers and fathers in our local nursing homes. Thank you to Elizabeth K for spearheading the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day projects for the past few years. The residents of our homes are very appreciative!

Our Grade 12 students will soon be finishing their exams and preparing for graduation. All grade 12 students who are members of St. Anthony’s parish are eligible to receive a crucifix, donated by the CWL, the Knights of Columbus and our parish. God bless all our students as they soon complete another school year!

Our ladies continue to provide a social opportunity for the residents of Dr. Cooke Extendicare, on the first Wednesday of each month, by assisting with the Bingo.
Additional workers are always welcome!

The 90 anniversary celebration of St. Anthony CWL council will be held this September in conjunction with the parish’s 100 anniversary.
Ann R has been updating our history book. The anniversary celebration is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 21st with 11 a.m. mass followed by a social in our new hall. God willing, the new hall will be ready!

Our New Zone 4 chairperson is Ann R. Zone 4 consists of the CWL councils from Wainwright, Vermilion, Provost and Lloydminster. Thank you, Ann for taking on this job!

The Olive Tree ministry is always looking for helpers. Please contact Christine A if you are able to help.

Our June social was held on Wednesday, June 11 at St. Joseph Mission House, near Marshall. Mother Cynthia and Brother Graham greeted our group that evening. We had a tour of the grounds, followed by our picnic lunches. Afterwards, we had a tour of the inside of the Mission House. Mother Cynthia explained the history behind their ministry – moving from BC to assist Fr. Ron D with his ministry, here in Saskatchewan, in the First Nation communities and how things blossomed.
The ministry in Onion Lake is growing, with God’s grace.
Let us continue to pray for Mother Cynthia and Brother Graham! Thank you for your hospitality and May God continue to bless you!

Have a wonderful summer!

God bless you and your families,
Edna H
President, St. Anthony’s CWL council Lloydminster